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Frequently Asked Booking Questions:

1. What are your minimum requirements for a venue?
Our ideal stage size would be 50 feet wide by 24-32 feet deep.  The minimum stage size we could still present a full show on would be 40 feet wide by 18 feet deep.  For a smaller modified performance with just a few pieces presented we can work with a smaller space. We have 10 dancers again this year but all are female so one or two dressing rooms to accommodate that many persons is fine. (Preferably with mirrors and a costume rack although we do travel with one that we can set up.)

2. What are your preferences for a venue? i.e. dance surface, audience size.
Marley or wood would be our preferred flooring but we can work with short firm carpet.  Audiences of 100 or more would be our goal. A venue with at least one sound and one lighting technician is ideal for the best quality production.  We play our music and video components from a USB flashdrive and need a large, good quality projector in order to do our full length (2 hours including intermission) production of "CREATION: He Breathed".

3. What sort of fundraising would you prefer:  admission fee (where appropriate), requesting donations, and merchandising?
The fundraising is up to you as our sponsor.  You may sell tickets to the event where appropriate.  We are accustomed to requesting a Love Offering of any amount either produced by the sponsor themselves, ticket sales, or by the audience's gifts at the end of the show.  We also like to set up our merchandise table in the lobby before the show and have it open throughout the event.

4. What are your housing preferences? Hotel or home stay?  A lovely airbnb house that sleeps 10?
We appreciate having our own (10) individual beds when possible.  We also love staying in host homes and getting to know new people. Hotel, home stay, or airbnb would all be great options.  In any event we require that at least two company members stay together in each home/hotel and we ask that Breakfast as well as some of our other meals be provided either by the host home or our sponsors when possible. This becomes easier to plan once we have a clear schedule to work with.